Aesthetic Gynecology Rejuvenation

Hardcover 136 Pages 259 Color & 4 B/W Illustrations
December 29, 2023

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Aesthetic Gynaecology is a fast-growing market amid much new demand from patients, since gynaecological defects can have considerable impact on their quality of life. This fully illustrated text provides an authoritative guide from international experts on the anatomical, functional, and medical aspects, details the surgical treatments, and documents the clinical and procedural points arising.


    1. History and background of Aesthetic Gynaecology – Elvira Brătilă, and Diana Mihai



    1. Anatomical aspects – Dawid Serafin



    1. Labiaplasty: wedge technique – Dawid Serafin



    1. Curvilinear Technique – Alexander Bader



    1. Hybrid labiaplasty – Rafal Kuzlik



    1. Deepithelialization technique of labia minora reduction – Rafal Kuzlik



    1. Labiamajoraplasty – Piotr Kolczewski



    1. Clitoral plasty: hood lifting and reduction – Rafal Kuzlik



    1. Single Thread Vagino–Perineoplasty – Alexander Bader



    1. Perineoplasty – Piotr Kolczewski



    1. Reconstructive Treatment of Female Genital Tract Anomalies – Elvira Bratila, and Diana-Elena Coamdasu



    1. Microfat and nanofat grafting in genital rejuvenation – Sophie Menkes



    1. Nanofat: O-Shot into the G-Spot Area – Claudio Catalisano and Mario Goisis



    1. Hymenoplasty – Piotr Kolczewski



  1. Psychological implications in Aesthetic Gynaecology : A case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Stelios Kiosses