Aesthetic Medicine

Author: Giuseppe Sito, Lee Walker, Raul Cetto,

Patrick Trévidic, Gisella Criollo-Lamilla

Printed 2021

Softcover 304 Pages

Dimension 26.50 x19 cm





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It is not possible to attribute a certain date to the birth of Aesthetic Medicine. It is certainly known that in ancient times, albeit unwittingly, techniques, which are current today, were used especially for skincare.

One for all, Cleopatra who bathed in donkey’s milk, benefited from the properties of lactic acid. This Science, which has its origins in Art, has then increasingly evolved up to the most modern techniques.

This book is therefore aimed at connoisseurs of the subject, and it takes into consideration chapters that are not very common but for which it is necessary to learn more thanks to the help of major worldwide experts.


Morpho-dynamic anatomy of the face for aesthetic medicine

Patrick Trévidic, Gisella Criollo-Lamilla

How to approach the aesthetic patients: the visit

Lucia Calvisi


Massimo Mammucari, Flora Canzona, Enrica Maggiori, Costanza Guglielmo, Rosanna Catizzone

Chemical peeling: what should I know?

Giuseppe Maria Izzo

Biostimulation of the skin: when, how, and why?

Kieren Bong

Introduction to dermal fillers

Raul Cetto, Lee Walker

Fillers: the Mascu- Look®. Why and when

Sina Djalaei

Fillers: how treatment changes in different ethnic groups

Raymond Wu

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty

Ayad Harb

Filler- related adverse events and complications

Raffaele Rauso, Davide De Cicco, Gianpaolo Tartaro

BOTTOM OF FORM Lip augmentation: beauty, aging, anatomy, and considerations

Lee Walker, Raul Cetto

An À la carte face: proprietary techniques and protocols

Natalia Ribé

Traction threads or PDO threads: what’s going on?

Alberto Diaspro

Carboxytherapy: the newest developments

Silvia Caboni

Lasers in aesthetic medicine

Leonardo. Longo

Endolift®: The instantaneous laser lift with no downtime

Roberto Dell’Avanzato

ATTIVA S.I.H. Technology

Giorgio Maullu

Fluorescent light energy: a biophotonic therapy in dermatology and aesthetic medicine

Patrizia Piersini, Claudia Ledda, Flavia Passafiume

Plastic surgery for aesthetic doctors

Gabriele F. Muti

Marketing aesthetic medicine

Andrea Lanzone

Art applied to science

Paolo Montuschi, Davide Gamberini

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Massimiliano Brambilla

New aspects in botulinum toxin use in aesthetic medicine

Marina Landau

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About the Auhtor: Prof. Giuseppe Sito

Giuseppe Sito Graduated in Medicine and Surgery with full marks in 1978, he achieved three different specializations in Italy and one in France. He has always been dedicated to the study of facial defects with the techniques of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, publishing, even in the United States, works with proposals for original techniques, not neglecting the study of possible complications as well as their prevention and treatment. Visiting Professor at the University of Naples for over twenty years, he has been President of the Internships in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery since their foundation and currently he is Scientific Director of the Masters in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology of the Pegaso University.