Aesthetic Rejuvenation Challenges and Solutions: A World Perspective

Paul J. Carniol, Gary D. Monheit

April 1, 2018 Forthcoming

Hardback 228 Pages


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  • Contains extensive material on ‘non-standard’ and ‘non-textbook’ patients
  • Section on patients of different ethnic groups
  • Chapters on patients with different social requirements of their surgery
  • Chapters on how to manage patient expectations and deal with dissatisfied patients


Practitioners of aesthetic medicine and surgery already have a series of textbooks instructing on how to treat the standard patient. Unfortunately, they also have patients who do not conform to the average—those who are of a different age, or sex, ethnicity, or medical history, or who have special social requirements.

Aesthetic Rejuvenation Challenges and Solutions: A World Perspective pools the expertise of top aesthetic practitioners who look at those complicated areas that tend to be ignored in the more standard textbooks and provides advice on managing these areas of special challenge that arise in clinical practice.

The book contains extensive material on “non-standard” and “non-textbook” patients. It discusses how to evaluate these patients, and when to decide that a patient is not suited for a particular procedure. It discusses the treatment of patients of different ethnic groups, and provides guidance on how to manage patient expectations and deal with dissatisfied patients.


Table of Contents

Evaluating the aesthetic patient
Paul J Carniol, Daniel Ganc, and Amanda Klinger
Patients with unrealistic expectations
Eva Ritvo, Christopher La Riche, and Mark A Stillman
Deciding whom to perform a procedure on, which procedure, and how to say “no”
Phillip R Langsdon and Mary Gorman
Minimal recovery procedures
Mark S Nestor and Glynis R Ablon
Patients who only want natural, nonoperated-appearing results
Harry Mittelman and Gregory J Vipond
Cosmetic concerns and therapeutic considerations in ethnic skin
Cheryl Burgess
The aging face in a multiethnic world
Stephen C Adler, Eric T Adler, and Paul J Carniol
Hispanic facial plastic surgery
Eric T Adler, Stephen C Adler, and Paul J Carniol
Aesthetic rejuvenation for Asian patients
Samuel M Lam
Aesthetic rejuvenation in Indian or Pakistani patients
Rashmi Sarkar, Vijay Kumar Garg, Munish Paul, and Amit Luthra
Aesthetic rejuvenation for patients of Middle Eastern descent
Issam R Hamadah, Natalie A Kim, and Murad Alam
Blepharoplasty for Asian patients
Jung I Park and Edward S Kwak
Aesthetic eyelid surgery in different ethnic groups
Sterling S Baker and Randal Pham
Ethnic rhinoplasty in patients of African descent
William Lawson and Konstantin Vasyukevich
Rhinoplasty in patients of Hispanic descent
Konstantin Vasyukevich and William Lawson

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