The Alopecias: Diagnosis and Treatments


  • Provides practical answers to most diagnostic and therapeutic problems related to alopecia
  • Discusses traumatic alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, the management of scarring alopecia, and practical diagnosis of congenital disorders of the scalp
  • Examines the diagnosis and treatment of alopecia in patients of African and Asian origin
  • Discusses cosmetic hair care and aesthetic surgery
  • Explores the biology of the hair and follicle
  • Explores the use of stem cells, hair growth factors, and PRP
  • Includes color illustrations throughout to facilitate diagnosis


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The Alopecias: Diagnosis and Treatments provides a practical answer to most diagnostic and therapeutic matters related to the different types of alopecia physicians may encounter in daily practice. It also presents a clear classification of all the types of alopecia.

Among the topics covered are diffuse alopecia, traumatic alopecia, the male patient with androgenetic alopecia, the female patient with androgenetic alopecia, cicatricial alopecia, alopecia areata, congenital alopecia, and specific problems posed by alopecia in patients of African and Asian origin.

The book’s chapters are divided into four major categories. The first one reviews biology and hair investigations. The second is dedicated to clinical pathology: describes various hair diseases including all major pathological conditions of the scalp affecting hair growth. The third emphasizes the role of aesthetic and reconstructive hair transplantation or scalp surgery. And the fourth covers cosmetic treatment, new medical innovations, and the latest procedures in aesthetic surgery.

This book will help you understand the basic pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and the most effective treatment options for patients with hair-growth disorders.

Table of Contents

Biology of the Hair Follicle
Ulrike Blume-Peytavi, Varvara Kanti, and Annika Vogt

Hair and Scalp Investigations
Pierre Bouhanna

Lidia Rudnicka

Hair Dysplasias
Juan Ferrando, L. Alhely Niebla, and Gerardo A. Moreno-Arias

Alopecia Classifications
Pierre Bouhanna

Management of Male Androgenetic Alopecia
Ralph M. Trüeb

Management of Female Androgenetic Alopecia
Bianca Maria Piraccini and Aurora Alessandrini

Management of Diffuse Alopecia
Pierre Bouhanna

Management of Noncicatricial Circumscribed Alopecia
Ralph M. Trüeb

Traumatic Alopecia
Pierre Bouhanna

Management of Acquired Primary Cicatricial Alopecia
Salvador Villablanca and Juan Ferrando

Management of Definitive Alopecia in African Americans
Pierre Bouhanna

Management of Definitive Hair Alopecia in Asians
Damkerng Pathomvanich

Hair Transplantation in the Reconstruction of the Face and Scalp
Alfonso Barrera

Hair Transplantation for Aesthetic Surgery of the Scalp and Body Hair
Pierre Bouhanna and Eric Bouhanna

Follicular Cell Implantation: Research Update on “Hair Cloning”
Jerry E. Cooley

Platelet-Rich Plasma and Stem Cells
Gilbert Amgar, Joseph Greco, and Fabio Rinaldi

Adjuvant Therapy for Alopecia: Synthetic Hair Implant, Dermopigmentation, Hair Prosthesis, and Hair Camouflage
Pierre Bouhanna and Sophie Casadio

Hair Cosmetology
Claude Bouillon

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Authors: Pierre Bouhanna, MD, Hair Bouhanna Center, Paris, France