Atlas of Suturing Techniques

Approaches to Surgical Wound,
Laceration, and Cosmetic Repair

1st Edition
ISBN 9780071836579
By Jonathan Kantor
Published: January 8, 2016


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1. Wound Care: Setting the Stage for Excellence

2. Equipment and Positioning: Having the Right Props

3. Principles of Suture Placement: Shifting the Tension to Deeper Structures

4. Suture Techniques for Deep Structures: Fascia and Dermis

5. Suture Techniques for Superficial Structures: Transepidermal

6. Knot Tying: Finishing Strong

7. The Right Stitch in the Right Place

A. Chest and back
B. Arms
C. Legs
D. Hands and Feet
E. Scalp
F. Forehead
G. Eyelids
H. Lips
I. Nose
J. Ears

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