Clinical Management of Acute Skin Trauma

By Joel W. Beam

ISBN 9781638220664

192 Pages

Published July 2024


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Trauma and subsequent injury to the skin are frequent with participation in athletic, recreational, and work activities. This text, for professional athletic training students, practicing athletic trainers, and other health care professionals responsible for acute wound care, aims to facilitate learning of the knowledge, skills, and clinical abilities required to manage such acute skin trauma effectively. It acts as a comprehensive guide to the reader from the initial injury assessment through complete wound healing using evidence-based practice techniques. Management considerations – based on wound characteristics; patient needs and activity levels; financial, physical, and personnel resources; various sport, recreational, and work settings; and governing regulations – will assist in the development of best practice. Color photographs, step-by-step procedures of intervention techniques, evidence summaries from the literature, and clinical expertise play an integral role in enhancing the material.