Complications in Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation

Prevention and Management

Written by: Paul J. Carniol,Mathew M. AvramandJeremy A. Brauer

244 pages


Publication Date: October 2020


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Expert guidance on minimizing and managing risks for a wide array of facial procedures

The demand for minimally invasive facial procedures has increased exponentially over the past 20 years. In fact, an AAFPRS survey estimated that 80% of cosmetic facial procedures performed by their surgeons in 2019 were minimally invasive. Given the vast number of patients and underqualified practitioners administering facial surgery treatments, complications and poor outcomes are a significant issue. Complications in Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation: Prevention and Management by internationally prominent facial plastic surgeon Paul J. Carniol, renowned dermatologists Mathew M. Avram and Jeremy A. Brauer, and esteemed colleagues fill a gap in the literature.

Organized in five sections and 19 chapters, the book starts with discussions of appropriate patient selection, anesthesia considerations, relevant anatomy, and potentially toxic smoke plumes generated by laser treatments and electrocautery. Section two details fillers and fat transfers for volume restoration, neuromodulators to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and deoxycholic acid to treat submental fat. Section three covers high-energy devices and procedures such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels, vascular and pigment laser and light sources, radiofrequency, and microneedling. The final two sections feature a discussion of liposuction and cryolipolysis, followed by the minimally invasive procedures thread lifting, face and neck lifts, hair transplantation, and blepharoplasty.

Key Highlights

  • Important insights on avoidance and management of adverse complications such as diplopia, ptosis, deformities, and asymmetry, as well as potentially life-threatening cerebrovascular accidents, visual loss, skin loss, and infection
  • Extensively detailed illustrations and surgical photographs improve visual understanding of anatomical topography
  • High-quality videos enhance knowledge of surgical nuances, potential pitfalls, and preventive measures to avoid problems


This is an essential reference for dermatology, plastic surgery, and otolaryngology residents and fellows. Practitioners who specialize in cosmetic dermatology and facial plastic surgery will also find this an invaluable surgical companion.

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Section I: Complications Prevention Essentials
1 General Approach: The Consultation—Patient Evaluation
2 Anesthesia for Minimally Invasive Facial Aesthetic Surgery
3 Anatomy
4 Plumes, Laser/Cautery
Section II: Injectables: Avoiding and Managing Complications
5 Fillers
6 Fat Transfers
7 Neuromodulators for Muscle Induced Wrinkles
8 Deoxycholic Acid
Section III: High Energy Devices: Avoiding and Managing Complications
9 Laser Resurfacing
10 Chemical Peels
11 Vascular and Pigment Laser and Light Sources
12 Radiofrequency and Microneedle Radiofrequency
13 Complications of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Microneedling
Section IV: Lipo Reduction: Avoiding and Managing Complications
14 Liposuction
15 Cryolipolysis
Section V: Minimally Invasive Surgery: Avoiding and Managing Complications
16 Thread Lift
17 SMAS Lift
18 Hair Transplantation
19 Blepharoplasty