Dental and Craniofacial Applications of Platelet-Rich Plasma

Dental and Craniofacial Applications of Platelet-Rich Plasma
by: Robert E Marx, Arun K Garg


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Written by the researcher who discovered PRP, this authoritative handbook presents clear and easy-to-follow guidelines for routinely incorporating PRP into a broad spectrum of dental and craniofacial procedures in order to obtain its documented benefits of enhanced healing and improved outcomes.

The authors explain PRP’s biologic mechanism of action, the in-office procedure for developing PRP, and most importantly, its application and expected benefits in procedures such as implant placement, periodontal bone and soft tissue surgery, sinus lifts, jaw reconstructions, soft tissue facial augmentations, and facial cosmetic surgeries.


I. The Science of Platelet-Rich Plasma
1. The Biology of Platelets and the Mechanism of Platelet-Rich Plasma
2. Development of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Its Clinical Importance
II. Dental Applications of Platelet-Rich Plasma
3. Bone Regeneration
Sinus Lift Grafting
Ridge Augmentation Grafting
Third Molar Sockets
Periodontal Defects
Ridge Preservation Techniques
4. Soft Tissue Regeneration
Periosteal and Connective Tissue Flaps
Free Connective Tissue and Gingival Grafts
Controlling Soft Tissue Healing and Tissue Maturity
Root Coverage Procedures
III. Craniofacial Applications of Platelet-Rich Plasma
5. Reconstruction of Major Tumor and Trauma Defects
Mandibular Reconstruction
Maxillary and Midface Reconstruction
Alveolar Cleft Grafting
Reconstruction of the Severely Resorbed Mandible
6. Facial Soft Tissue Reconstruction and Cosmetic Procedures
Rhytidectomy and Blepharoplasty Procedures
Dermal Fat Grafts

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