Dermoscopy Criteria Review

1st Edition
ISBN 9781260136241
By Robert Johr, Wilhelm Stolz
Published: August 23, 2019


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Dermoscopy Criteria Review – a perfect text for clinicians wishing to learn dermoscopy from world-renowned experts.

A comprehensive overview examines the basic terminology and concepts of dermoscopy, a cutting-edge, non-invasive technique that is invaluable to clinicians in the evaluation and diagnosis of a full gamut of dermatologic conditions.

The layout of this innovative text features clinical and dermoscopic images of more than 200 cases. All dermoscopic criteria are clearly labeled and pattern analysis methodology is provided to guide you towards mastering the technique and language of dermoscopy.

Key features you will find include:
• Important teaching points helpful to both novice and advanced dermoscopists
• Extensive clinical and clearly-marked dermoscopic images
• More than 100 clinical and dermoscopic images of melanoma
• Each case includes a discussion of salient features and concludes with expert observations (“pearls”) based on authors’ years of experience
• Chapters on Trichoscopy and Dermoscopy in General Dermatology and a comprehensive glossary of important dermoscopic terms are all included

1. Melanocytic

2. Non-Melanocytic

3. Benign

4. Malignant

5. Inflammatory

6. Trichoscopy

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