Facial Volumization with Fillers

Description of injection techniques for each indication

Guidance on potential complications and countermeasures

Wealth of illustrations

Authors :Kyle K. Seo

Pages 283

16 b/w illustrations, 235 illustrations in colour



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This book is a comprehensive guide to the use of injectable fillers for facial volumization. Traditionally, fillers have been used for anti-aging purposes such as for wrinkle treatments, but they are increasingly being applied in various ways to achieve beautification such as  the augmentation of the nose, chin and lips, leveraging the volumizing effect of fillers. This trend is especially evident in Asian countries but can be expected to flourish elsewhere in the future. The book opens by explaining the specifics of pretreatment assessment and relevant aspects of the basic science of fillers. It then provides a detailed description of the anatomy, injection depth and injection amount relevant to each regional indication, easy to follow for even a novice injector, based on a rich assortment of anatomical illustrations, ultrasound imaging and cadaveric photos provided to assist their understanding. And guidance is also provided on combination treatments in conjunction with botulinum toxin, thread lifting, fat-dissolving injection, etc. Potential complications and countermeasures specific to volumization with fillers are identified. The book features a wealth of illustrations showing the relevant anatomy and before and after appearances, as well as video clips for each indication. Written by a specialist with extensive experience, it provides safe and effective guidance for both beginners and advanced practitioners.