Filler – Illustrative Manual of Injection Techniques

207 Pages
Hardcover 24×17 cm
80 Illustrations
128 Photographs
29 Videos

Printed in July 2021

Author: Giuseppe Sito



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I know now that what we aesthetic doctors lack is a book of practical notions that describe exactly “where, how and what”, a book that takes us by the hand and, with the right illustrations, explains how far we have to go and what we have to create. Because the use of fillers is an art which drives us and helps us to create, to reveal the beauty that is already in our patients, bringing it back to the surface, in the same way that a sculptor uses a chisel to shape marble, which is only apparently lifeless.

Writing however, didn’t seem to be enough, so I have added some high definition videos

to each chapter, to really show you how and where to place your hands and syringe, so that every movement is safe, giving us all, myself included, the satisfaction of seeing a work of art come to life.

Giuseppe Sito


My friend Giuseppe Sito and I have been working with facial filler injections for over 15 years.
The range of these products has never stopped evolving and today we have high- tech fillers that allow us to offer our patients a multitude of subtly personalised treatments. The new formulas based on hyaluronic acids open up countless possibilities to fulfil the varying expectations of patients.

The introduction of the cannula has represented another important step forward. Our patients are constantly developing new requirements, favouring a natural result which is almost invisible to the eyes of those around them, while performing a tangible action on the signs of ageing. Younger patients participate in our meetings in or- der to address the signs of ageing before they actually occur. These patients tend to gather a lot of information online: they are open to the enhancement of their beauty, willing to undergo an engaging experience and take advice from the community. The concept that never changes from patient to patient is the personalisation of the treatment and experience.

The generally accepted concept: beauty is part of a natural gesture of wellbeing. The new concept: preserving beauty, caring for it, enhancing it thanks to fillers, has become more accessible.
My friend Giuseppe’s book will give aesthetic doctors the opportunity to comprehend the new injection techniques and understand which filler to choose, without losing sight of the natural result and the patient’s expectations. Of course, as is already the case during our courses, Giuseppe and I always stress the need for a thorough knowledge of 3D anatomy, of the foundations that welcome these filler injections. While anatomy is always the same, the 3D approach has revolutionised the injection therapy protocol. This has been made possible thanks to the acknowledgement of the dynamic aspect of the face.

Lastly, the artistic dimension of treatment is essential, and Italy has been the 3 birthplace of great aesthetes for centuries. The tradition is continued in this work written by Professor Sito, whose experience and expertise are recognised at national and international level.

Every time we meet, we learn something from each other, and it is an honour for me today to write the presentation to this outstanding broker of knowledge.

Plastic Surgeon and Anatomist in Paris

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About Author: Dr. Giuseppe Sito

Giuseppe Sito Graduated in Medicine and Surgery with full marks in 1978, he achieved three different specializations in Italy and one in France. He has always been dedicated to the study of facial defects with the techniques of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, publishing, even in the United States, works with proposals for original techniques, not neglecting the study of possible complications as well as their prevention and treatment. Visiting Professor at the University of Naples for over twenty years, he has been President of the Internships in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery since their foundation and currently he is Scientific Director of the Masters in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology of the Pegaso University.

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