Midface and Neck Aesthetic Plastic Surgery -Vol. 1


Giovanni. Botti, M. Pelle Ceravolo

Volume 1

Pages: ca. 560 pp.
Illustrations: ca. 2.732 pictures

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When we talk to people our first contact is through the eyes. The eyes and their surrounding anatomical areas are at the center of interpersonal interest.

Consequently, aesthetic surgery and medicine have focused on ageing of the eyelids and the periorbital area, accomplishing an ever more precise and involved analysis, but which however is often inconsistent and vague.

The inaccurate knowledge of anatomy, the surgical trends (e.g. the uncritical excision of orbital fat), as well as the different approaches of various specializations have often produced incomplete and poor results with frequent and, at times, disastrous complications.

This new book offers a uniform and coherent vision of anatomy and the surgical solutions to different aesthetic problems concerning the eyelid/periorbital and temporo/midface area.

Furthermore, it proposes effective treatments for particular and difficult to correct defects such as deep subpalpebral grooves, severe displacements of the inferior eyelid margin and anti-Mongolian slanted eyes.

Special chapters are dedicated to the maxillofacial approach and to the treatment of Graves’ disease.


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