Midface and Neck Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – Vol. 2


Giovanni. Botti, M. Pelle Ceravolo

Volume 2

Pages: ca. 500 pp.
Illustrations: ca. 1800 pictures

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The first part of this volume deals with a simple approach to midface rejuvenation based on the use of implants and fat grafting techniques associated to other periocular manoeuvres.

After several years experience with various midface lifting techniques, we have reached the conclusion that many of our patients with visible signs of ageing in the midface can also benefit from more simple techniques which are also less risky, have shorter recovery times than a classical midface lifting manoeuvre and longer lasting and more stable results over time.

The chapter on prominent eyes explains how to treat this complex yet all too frequent condition during an aesthetic blepharoplasty; we provide useful tips and tricks to obtain satisfactory results with these patients who are true challenges for the surgeon.

Step-by-step specimen dissections and surgical sequences render these techniques easier to understand also for the surgeon early on in the learning curve. The second part of this book deals with techniques for neck and mandibular contour rejuvenation.

Both conservative and aggressive approaches are explained with the help of numerous intraoperative photographs and cadaver dissections. Indications, algorithms, practical suggestions and caveats are offered to help the surgeon obtain the best possible results.

The less-experienced surgeon will find an easy-to-understand guide to safely perform even complicated manoeuvres with less risk for the patient.

This book is intended to be a useful tool to help both the novice and the more experienced surgeon to perform facial aesthetic surgery as it describes both simple and very complex techniques such as the different approaches for an augmentation malarplasty, SMAS treatment, platysmal and subplatysmal manoeuvres, submandibular gland reduction and other more valuable surgical techniques commonly performed in facial rejuvenation treatment.

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