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Archidemia introduces the must-have body injection anatomy model of 2024


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Archidemia introduces a brand new line of essential body parts must-have anatomy models for injection training and practicing. 

At Archidemia, we have always been proud of our dedication to excellence in medical education, anatomy in particular. In response to the increasing demand for high quality anatomy education aids for the medical aesthetic practitioner, we now present our anatomically detailed and remarkably realistic Body Simulation Injection Manikins.

Our new range of human parts models is intended to make the injection simulation training as life-like accurate as possible. We have leveraged our experience in anatomy illustration and medical textbooks to produce these carefully crafted models to consistent and exacting detail.

For the trainee injector, they offer the look and feel of human tissue using a firm but pliant silicone overlay. This would enable injectors to familiarise themselves with surface marking and facial aesthetics injection techniques without specialised facilities, risk of exposure to bio-hazards, and most importantly, without compromising a live patient.

The new line of models, which includes Vivida Vagina and Vivida Layered, are the highly requested integration to our aesthetic medicine industry acclaimed Facial Injection Manikins which display subcutaneous structures, muscles, nerves and vasculatures in great detail and in their most commonly found anatomical relationship. This is an excellent aid for demonstrating the rich complexity of the human anatomy architecture, enhancing patient consultations and treatment planning, as well as for training.

We are a responsive company. We remain eager to receive and incorporate feedback from you to enhance our existing models and extend our offering to other body part models, ethnicity and aging variants that you require.

Our mission is to help you to turn your vision into reality.

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