Practical Guidelines for Effective and Safe Filler Injections

324 Pages

Published March 12, 2019

editors : International Clinical Aesthetic Leaders Academy(ICALA)


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Soft tissue filler injection is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic proce-dures that has greatly progressed in the last 10 years.

However, with progress, there are no precise guidelines; rather, when administering filler injections, following the previous guidelines may result in the selection of the wrong procedures.

The purpose of this book was to (1) identify the correct procedure in various ap-proaching methods and (2) show the progress in identifying the correct method of filler injection.

The authors tried to identify the correct method based on anatomy. Precise anatomical knowledge would lead to efficient and safe injection guidelines.

The components of this book are as follows; anatomist professor’s description about the precise anatomy for filler injection, plastic surgery specialist and dermatology specialist’s description of their techniques, and an organized table at the end of each chapter. In this book, various experienced opinions by specialist physicians of anat-omy, plastic surgery, and dermatology and several ideas when actually administering injections are reported.

Each technique may follow the same or different method, suggesting that there are no formulated filler injection techniques. On reading this book, every physician will compare the techniques described to their own and will perform the technique better with better results.

This is still insufficient to cover all procedure but we hope to help improve the pre-ciseness and safety of filler techniques.

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