Problems in Periorbital Surgery

Problems in Periorbital Surgery
A Repair Manual

Aurhors: Foad NahaiandTed H. Wojno



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Problems in Periorbital Surgery: A Repair Manual

The field of periorbital surgery has expanded exponentially in recent decades. With its rise in popularity, however, comes a rise in complications. Finally there is a comprehensive guide to repairing the problems encountered in periorbital surgery, compiled by masters in the art of periorbital surgery!

This unique resource for plastic, facial plastic and oculoplastic surgeons offers several key features:

  • A thorough discussion on the history and examination for the evaluation of the eyelid
  • Stepwise guidance for correcting a range of complications in periorbital surgery, including infection and bleeding, blindness and motility disorders, specific upper and lower eyelid problems including lid retraction, chemosis, and adverse results from fillers and resurfacing
  • Several chapters, presenting different approaches, devoted to the challenging problem of lid retraction and its multifactorial etiology
  • A case-report format that provides detailed discussions of all possible complications
  • Expert techniques from renowned surgeons providing multiple perspectives on the same problems
  • More than 300 color photographs and beautifully detailed surgical illustrations
  • Multiple video clips showing details of eyelid evaluation and corrective techniques
  • Both print and electronic formats for easy access everywhere

To meet the ever-increasing patient demand for these youth-restoring procedures, all surgeons undertaking eyelid surgery and committed to prevent and treat complications of periorbital surgery should have this resource in their collection!

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy

I Clinical Overview
1 Management of Complications of Aesthetic Eyelid Procedures
2 Evaluation of the Eyelid

II General
3 General: Clinical Overview
4 Retrobulbar Hemorrhage
5 Periocular Infection
6 Blindness with Blepharoplasty and Injectables
7 Ocular Motility Disorders

III Upper Eyelid
8 Upper Eyelid: Clinical Overview
9 Scars
10 The Eyelid Crease
11 Upper Eyelid Crease Malposition
12 Postblepharoplasty Ptosis
13 Full-Thickness Eyelid Resection in the Treatment of Secondary Ptosis
14 The Missed Ptosis in Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty
15 Postblepharoplasty Lagophthalmos
16 Correction of Upper Blepharoplasty Overresection
17 Upper Blepharoplasty Overresection
18 Underresection of Skin and Fat in Blepharoplasty
19 Coronal Foreheadplasty Improves Periorbital Appearance and Rejuvenation Not Achieved by Facial and Eyelidplasties Alone

IV Chemosis
20 Chemosis: Clinical Overview
21 Chemosis in the Aesthetic Surgery Setting

V Lower Lid
22 Lower Lid: Clinical Overview
23 The Dry Eye
24 Prevention and Treatment of Irregularities of the Lower Eyelids following Fat Grafts
25 Autogenous Tissue Augmentation: Lower Eyelid Malposition
26 Lower Eyelid Malposition following Aesthetic Surgery
27 Round Eye Deformity
28 Lateral Canthoplasty: Lateral Canthal Tendon Tightening and Malar Fat Pad Elevation (Mini-Cheek Lift)
29 Treatment of Vertical Lower Lid Restriction with Spacers
30 Trauma-Related Lower Eyelid Retraction
31 Lower Lid Retraction
32 Recurrent Lower Eyelid Ectropion: Mastering the Sling Technique
33 Cicatricial Ectropion
34 The Spectrum of Postblepharoplasty Lower Eyelid Retraction (PBLER) Repair

VI Filler Problems
35 Filler Problems: Clinical Overview
36 Complications of Periocular Injection: Nodules and Edema
37 Filler Problems
38 Filler Problems: Vascular Complications

VII Resurfacing Complications
39 Resurfacing Complications: Clinical Overview
40 Laser Resurfacing Burn to the Lower Lid

VIII Epiphora
41 Epiphora: Clinical Overview
42 Epiphora

Video Contents
Video 4.1 Canthotomy Cantholysis
Video 10.1 Eyelid Crease
Video 11.1 Revisional Asian Bleph 28F, prefer nasally-tapered crease, and medium crease height
Video 21.1 “Snipping” to treat chemosis (Reused with permission from Clinton D. McCord, MD Peter Kreymerman, MD Foad Nahai, MD Joseph D. Walrath, MD. Management of Postblepharoplasty Chemosis. Aesthetic Surgery Journal; 33(5): 2013:654–661)
Video 27.1 Lower lid blepharoplasty approach with drill hole cantopexy for correction of round eye deformity
Video 28.1 Canthotomy for repair of lower eyelid retraction
Video 28.2 Elevation of the midface via resuspension of the orbitomalar ligament (suborbicularis oculi fat lift)
Video 37.1 Dissolving intravascular hyaluronic acid with hyaluronidase
Video 37.2 Removal of permanent filler with naked optic fiber diode laser (Video courtesy of Daniel Cassuto, MD)
Video 37.3 Outcome of fillers injected above and below the orbitomalar ligament

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