The Foot – Biomechanics, Pathomechanics & Kinetics

Author: Paolo Ronconi
Planning of Podalic Orthesis


430 Pages


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This is a new dimension in podiatric surgery, a different perspective based on the mathematical “approach” to osteotomies of the forefoot. This is the core of this book which deals with topics that have never been covered in depth in a published format. Professor Ronconi delineates, through excellently crafted diagrams and graphics, as well as an understandable narrative, a more profound way of looking at foot biomechanics than is generally given in texts solely dealing with the subjects of pathomechanics and biomechanics. In addition, there is a very good section on orthopaedic footwear, where Professor Ronconi artfully and effectively condenses a virtual lifetime of experience in the biomechanical effects of orthopaedic footwear into an easy to read and understand chapter. The reader of this book, whether a beginning podiatric medical student or the most experienced foot and ankle surgeon, will find this text both interesting and useful. The reader is given a different perspective of the material – an insight that is fresh and useful aiding in a more complete understanding of those sometimes difficult concepts.

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