The Needle and the Damage Done

Autobiography and memoir of a pioneer of the field of Aesthetic Medicine. (Medical edition)

Author: Dr. Patrick Treacy

Paperback: 15.6 x 2.7 x 23.4 cm

Pages: 398

Language:  English

Published:  31 April 2021


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The Needle and the Damage Done is the story of a boy from a small Irish village who became an adventurer, multi-award-winning doctor and physician to the stars. Part travelogue, part thriller, part celebrity tell-all, the memoir is a whirlwind of adventure and a fascinating insight into the colourful life of Dr Patrick Treacy.

Cosmetic doctor Patrick Treacy grew up in rural Northern Ireland during The Troubles. Determined to become a doctor, he raised money for medical school in Dublin by smuggling cars from Germany to Turkey. He studied biochemistry at Queens University Belfast and medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons. While working in a Dublin hospital, he was accidentally jabbed with a needle from an HIV patient. He took blood test after blood test for many years until he was confirmed negative. Initially overwhelmed by the experience, he moved to New Zealand, away from everyone who knew what he was going through: his girlfriend and his colleagues. Thus, he began a peripatetic existence, working as a doctor around the world. In Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad, Treacy was arrested and imprisoned, spending days wondering whether he was going to be hanged as a spy. He worked as a ship’s surgeon in California and with the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia. On returning to Dublin, Treacy set up the Ailesbury Clinic where he pioneered the emergent field of cosmetic dermatology, championing treatments regarding the use of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. His award-winning research brought him numerous international accolades and many celebrity patients, including the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, who came flocking to his door.

Central to this memoir is Treacy’s personal journey: his efforts to escape the conflict of The Troubles, coping with the fear that he may have contracted HIV, getting over his lost love and surviving the crippling Irish recession. Most of all, it gives us a fascinating insight into his award-winning research on the influence of Botox ® on the brain and how he developed protocols to reverse the damage being done to patient’s faces as a result of the complications of dermal fillers.

About The Author: Dr. Patrick Treacy

Patrick Treacy is one of the first pioneers of the field of Aesthetic Medicine. He was awarded ‘Top Aesthetic Practitioner in the World’ (2019, Las Vegas) as well as ‘Top Medical Aesthetic Practitioner UK & Ireland’ (2019), earning himself a lifetime achievement place in the MyFaceMyBody AestheticMedicine Hall of Fame.

He has contributed to many new techniques and protocols and has been given specialist research awards by the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (London), Irish Healthcare Awards (Dublin), IMCAS Scientific Committee(Paris), AMWC Scientific Committee (Monaco), Azerbaijani College of Aesthetic Medicine (Baku), and the CMME Medal of ‘Medical Excellence’ (Mexico).

He has been cited amongst the ‘Ultimate 100 Global AestheticLeaders’ for the past four years.

Dr Patrick Treacy was awarded the ‘Top Aesthetic Practitioner in the World 2019’ in Las Vegas. He won the ‘Doctor of the Year’ UK and Ireland (Las Vegas 2019) and London (2018). He is recognised as one of the most influential aesthetic practitioners in the world being named amongst the ‘Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders’ (2019, 2018, 2017). His research has strongly influenced this specialist area where he has developed global protocols relating to dermal filler complications and wound healing, as well as pioneering techniques for HIV facial lipodystrophy facial end prostheses and radiosurgery venous thermocoagulation. He received the ‘My Face My Body Specialist Award’ in 2018 for research contributions to the field of Aesthetic Medicine. He was awarded a Laureate in Aesthetic Medicine by the Azerbaijani College of Medicine for contributions to the field of Aesthetic Medicine. He was awarded the 1st ‘AIDA Trophy in Abu Dhabi’ in 2017. He won both the ‘Irish Healthcare Award for Medical Research’ (Dublin 2017) and the British College of Aesthetic Medicine Award for Medical Research’ (London 2017). He is among few doctors in the world to have won the coveted AMEC Trophy twice (Paris 2014 and 2016) for research relating to cancer cachexia and reversing skin necrosis.