The tuberous breast

Author Egle Muti

208 pages


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When someone takes the opportunity to write a book, some doubts and questions arise at the same time. […]

I have neither the presumption nor the desire to write a book of consultation, I would rather like to offer those who want to dedicate themselves to the reading of this book a synthesis of my Aesthetic Breast surgery experience, to which I committed myself with passion and dedication over the years. […]

The surgical procedures are described step by step with drawings and intra-operative photographs. This method will offer the reader the precise sequence of each procedure from the beginning up to the end result. […]

This book examines various types of Tuberous Hypoplastic Breast and for each type a description is given. […]

We first analyze some case history by examining various types of deformity and then the asymmetric tuberous breasts. […]

Case history’s close examination follows this sequence: case presentation, pre-operative planning with skin markings, explanatory graphic sequence corresponding to the intra-operative sequences, short and long term post-operative follow-up. […]

To complete the case history I added two cases of failure with relevant critical analysis and probable indications that lead to failure and possible corrective measures.

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